Fun games for ladies groups

When planning a party for adult women, have several fun party games prepared that are sure to get your guests laughing and having a great time. From a name and number icebreaker to handbag game, use your creativity and a few supplies to create memorable games for your friends.

Awarding prizes to winners, such as costume jewelry, lip gloss and gift cards, will encourage game participation. As the women arrive to the party, give each one an index card with a number written on the back, such as "1" through " All the women must go around the party and introduce themselves to as many people as possible. After 15 minutes, tell the guests to flip over the index cards so only the number shows. Give each guest a sheet of paper with all the numbers on it.

She must list the name beside the number of each guest she can remember. The player who has the most correct names with correct numbers wins the game. Purchase or borrow a postal scale to use for this game. Have each woman sit her purse on the postal scale and record the exact amount. After each woman weighs her purse, announce its weight. Award a prize to the women with the lightest and heaviest purses. Give the guests a blank bingo grid 5 squares by 5 squares and have her fill in the blanks with items she has in her purse, such as mascara, lipstick, pain relievers and lotion.

Have all the guests write down the same items on small slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Give each woman a bowl of bingo markers or small pieces of candy to mark their cards.

Mix up the slips of paper and start calling out item names. The first player to get five items in a row, vertically, diagonally or horizontally wins the game. Tell all the women to get their handbags and sit it in their laps. Make a list in advance of items that women may carry in their purses, such as lipstick, hand sanitizer, a brush, cash, gum, mints, a receipt more than two months old, a crayon and a business card.

When you call out an item, the first woman to dig in her purse and find that item wins a small prize. By: Krystal Miller Updated April 12, Share It.

Photo Credits.Numerous opportunities can arise for gathering a small group of female friends together to socialize. This might include a professional group from work, or a group of old school friends or just a group of women from the neighborhood. When you get together, play games that range from intellectually stimulating ones to ones that are based on pure luck.

Before your get together, create a list of items that you think might be in your friend's purses. Assign points to each of the items, with higher point values being items you think are less likely for your guests to have in their purses.

Once each guest has arrived, give her a copy of the list. Give her five minutes to find as many items in her purse that she can that are on the list. After five minutes, score the items each women finds based on the values on the list. The woman with the most points is the winner. Find out about your friends' social lives by creating a list of questions. Some might only have one color, such as orange, and only have to answer the orange question.

The questions can range from tame ones, such as "What was the last movie you saw," to adventurous ones, such as "when was the last time you had sex. Ask your friends to bring over several items of clothing they no longer want to your next game night. Write the numbers from one to the number of guests you have playing the game on pieces of paper and place them in a hat.

Each woman draws a number. That chooses the "shopping order. The ladies then choose one item from the table, going in the shopping order. Guests are not required to take an item. Any leftover items can be donated to charity.

Place a bowl in the middle of the table that you are sitting at. The hostess starts announcing an activity that she has never done.

Any of the other guests that have done that activity must place a quarter into the bowl. If a guest claims she has never done something, but someone else reminds her that she actually did, the woman that denied she did it must pay two quarters instead of one. The game continues in a clockwise pattern around the table, each woman announcing something she has never done.

The last woman with money remaining is the winner and collects all the quarters in the bowl.

fun games for ladies groups

To avoid carrying a bag of quarters home, the host may offer to exchange the quarters for the equivalent bill denominations for the winner. Alan Kirk has been writing for online publications since He has more than 15 years' experience in catering, management and government relations.

Kirk has a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Maryland. By: Alan Kirk Updated April 12, Icebreakers and games provide great opportunities for your women to relax, laugh, and uncover shared experiences and interests.

Be sure to pin or bookmark this page as new icebreakers and games will continue to be added on a regular basis! Who Here? Summer Icebreaker: Who here? Christmas version Wrap it up! Would you rather? Christmas Questions. I love creating custom icebreaker games. This is such a helpful page!!

36 of the Most Fun Outdoor Games for All Ages

One suggestion to make it even better is if you had the ice breakers games categorized according to the size of your group small, medium, large to narrow down the search even faster! Liz, thank you for the suggestion! I will try to work on it. I hope you were able to find a game for your group.

fun games for ladies groups

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Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.It is time for your weekly night out with the girls but instead of the usual gossiping and shopping, this time you want to do something different.

Why not try out some fun games? These can be entertaining and amusing and can be great way to bond with friends. Everyone loves a fun night out with friends. For most women, time out with their friends generally translates into shopping, gossip, and loads of fun.

If there are people in the group who are new to each other, then it may be a good idea to break the ice with a few fun games. There are quite a few fun games to play which can be the perfect answer to get the party going and to have a few hours of uninhibited fun. In this article, we provide you with some ideas for the different games that you can play.

The first round of drinks has been passed around. The appetizers have been tasted. Everyone is standing around, talking and catching up with each other but as a hostess you know that there is slight ambiance of dullness starting to invade the party. Expel the boredom by playing a few fun games.

Here are some you can play. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Pass around empty paper plates and ask each woman to get one plate pinned to her back.

Now pass around pens so that everyone has a pen to write with. Now get everyone to mix around and write the first thing that came to their mind when they met the person for the very first time. After everyone has a card that is full, get them to read out the impressions that have been noted down. If you can try and guess who has written what about you. There are some well know truths about every woman. For example, no woman leaves her house without some old faithfuls in her bag, which include lipsticks, sunblock, music player, cell phone, wallet, credit card, etc.

Every object included in the list needs to have point assigned.Both sessions were about short games which can be played in trainings and workshops with groups, e. Spoiler alert: the following instructions might contain key information about learning outcomes and the order of events. While this information is vital for the facilitators, they might spoil the fun and learning if you want to play these games yourself.

17 Fun Party Games That Are Perfect For Big Groups

Tell the participants not to talk anymore. Give each group one of the following instructions on a card group should keep it a secret for the other groups :. Make sure everyone in the groups reads the instructions. Tell the groups to execute their instructions. If at some point every group is stuck, tell them that there is a solution that every group will be able to successfully execute their instructions at the same time.

The end state of the chairs is a big circle with pairs of chairs turned upside down. Let the participants shout out numbers in the sequence from 1 up to 33 clockwise. Give the instruction:. Whenever a participant makes a mistake, the following participant has to start all over again with 1. Debrief when the group reaches the number So maybe stop at 32 or if you play it with nerds try to get to 42!

And you can control the duration of the game by setting the goal number. Let participants lift their feets from the ground. Announce the following instructions:.

fun games for ladies groups

From now on, nobody is allowed to touch the floor or speak anymore. Others, often the ones furthest away from the exit, will cooperate by forming a bridge with their chairs. Some will also help others, e. Assign a fruit out of three or four possible fruits to each participant and yourself, like. When they get up, the person in the middle also tries to find a chair. Given that there is one chair less than the number of participants, one person will end up without a chair, and the game starts over.

Let them close their eyes. Tell them to count to 10 aloud. Whenever two people shout out any two numbers together, let the group start over. They have to collaborate to find a appropriate strategy like letting one person alone do the counting, or by using a counting token which will be passed from one to the other.

Start by saying and doing three things in this order:. Game ends with the last person. Let each team form a queue, where each participant should place their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of him. Name that formation a ship. Name the last person of the ship the captain and the first person of the ship the torpedo.

Let the torpedos stretch out their arms safety reasons! Let the ships formate in the room, so that both torpedos face the same wall and the ships are at least 2 meters apart. Let everyone except the captains close their eyes. Explain to them, that the captains steer the ship. They do so by tapping on the left shoulder of the person in front of them to steer the ship to the left, or by tapping on the right shoulder of the person in front of them to steer the ship to the right.

Each tap received by one of the persons on the ship should be passed to the next person, right up to the torpedo. To fire a torpedo, the captain taps both shoulders.A fun group party game in which participants have to answer a set of 25 questions. The one who will score maximum will be the winner.

Check out have you ever…. Divide the ladies into groups of Give a list of common things usually you find in ladies purse and a bowl. The group has to search those things in their purses and put them in the bowl. Time limit is one minute. The group who has the maximum items in the bowl according the list wins. All the ladies will sit in a circle and will pass the handbag.

Each lady is allowed to put their hands in the handbad for 10 seconds and feel the items kept. After everyone has done give pen and paper and tell them to write the items which they have felt inside the handbag. The one who write the maximum correct items wins.

Give pen and paper to all the ladies. They have to write maximum Cosmetics brand names for eg. Olay, Revlon, Avon, Lakme etc. Give paper and pens to all the ladies and them to write out as many movies names as possible of particular pair for ex.

They have to write as many songs which begins with the words given for eg. The one with maximum song wins. A group party game in which players have to score themselves based on their dresses and ornaments. OMG, I just ran across your page. I am going out today and purchase the items I will need for the games. These are satirical right?

Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. Excellent web site you have here. I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!! So I ran across your site and the some of the games you have here are amazing. I thought I was a good host but this is the best. Thank you. Cosmetics Brand Game Give pen and paper to all the ladies.

Movie Name Game. Song Writing Game Give pen and paper to all the ladies. A fun party game in which players have to talk alphabetically. It is an interesting game to be played with kids as well as adults. Check more about A lphabetical Talk. A party game in which participants have to balance the peacock feather either on the palm of their hand or on the finger tip. Check more about Balancing A Peacock Feather.

One minute party game to be played with food grains. It is a guess what party game and can be played in ladies kitties. One minute party game in which each participant needs to draw maximum figures on balloon with a ball point pen.Looking for outdoor games for adults or outdoor games for kids? Everything from classic outdoor games like capture the flag to giant outdoor games like Jenga, yard Twister, and more!

This post contains affiliate links to products that I recommend. I also received some products for free for this post. If you purchase via one of my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Is there anything better than playing outdoor games with your friends and family on a nice day? Getting all hot and sweaty from some good clean fun followed by refreshing popsicles like these blue lemonade popsicles?

Some of my best memories are playing games outside with my family while we were at home or on vacation. Somehow we always got outside playing sports, games, or really pretty much anything we could come up with. These games are ones that make the most sense as party games rather than outdoor games you play on a random day.

Fun Game -- Zeme Church Delhi, Spring Picnic 2019

They either are ones that keep score, win prizes, or are just more fit for a party atmosphere. You could really play any of these minute to win it games as well, just play them outside!

fun games for ladies groups

Use a permanent marker to write point values on the three balloons. I did 25, 50, and to use round numbers but you could easily do something like 1, 5, and 10 as well. Put the lowest scoring balloon closest, the next highest scoring balloon next, and so on. Next to the tape, place a bucket of small footballs like these ones. To play, players have five football tosses to try and hit as many balloons as possible. If they hit a balloon, they score the points. Person who scores the most points wins or just give anyone who gets a certain number of points a prize.

Whether you make your own DIY ring toss like I did for 4th of July last year or buy one of these already made setsring toss is a party game that works for all ages! While you may not want to host a full carnival, carnival games make great outdoor party games! These are the games that seem to be everywhere right now — giant versions of the games we all played inside as kids.

And last weekend. Here are some of the best tutorials to DIY these games and buy them! These are some of my favorite games and ones I grew up playing as a kid! These and of course the water games I already wrote about! Capture the Flag is a one of the most classic games there is. They even played a game in Divergent and a couple of these other books like Divergent.

Hence being on this list! To play capture the flag, split your group into two or more teams.

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